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Typical Campaigns That We Setup and Manage For Businesses:

Google Shopping Ads

Get your products directly in front of potential buyers fast. Drive internet traffic to your websites product page and have website users buy directly from your website.

Google in Text Campaigns

Drive traffic directly to your desired web page fast by using perusaive text to advertise your product or service to recieve phone and online enquiries.

Google in Image Campaigns

Use images with or without selling offers to have users click on your designated image and drive the user to your desired web page. This can work for services and products.

Click To Call Campaigns

If your looking to have prospective buyers call you directly from your ad then this is the option for you. Google users will see your ad and a phone symbol which they click to call you.

Competitor Targeting Campaigns

Also known as intent ads and a great hack on your competition, you can target competitors brand, product or services in order to drive your competitiors online traffic to you.

Google My Business Campaigns

Have your Google My Business listing appear as an ad in the local map section of the search result in order to either recieve phone calls, messages or drive users to your website.

Google Retargeting Campaign

This enables you to retarget online users who have visited your website previously. Retarget using an image in order to close that sale with users who are already familiar with your brand.

Results We've Achieved

"We have seen continued improvement in our website traffic and conversions and Ana is always in touch by phone on regular basis to keep communication open. We thoroughly recommend Kraken Digital for your PPC Campaigns."
Andrew Grima
"Our company has been dealing with Ana from Kraken Digital now for the past 4 months as they have taken over our Pay per Click Advertising Campaign. Ana, from the first time she came into our office to get a hands on feel for our business has dedicated her efforts on understanding our unique services and promoting our company in the best possible way with the budget and key words relevant to our industry."
Rowan Lowther

Let us architect your Google Adwords Campaign

Not all Google PPC campaigns are built equal. If you're not a builder would you try and build a house on your own? – The answer is probably no.

A few of the most important factors to consider when building a highly successful Google PPC campaign are:

Keyword Research (identifying the words and phrases that you want to target in order to generate traffic for your website)

Identifying Your Audience (Who are the customers that buy your product or services)

Location, Location and Location (Ensuring that your ads appear only in the geographic area you are targeting)

Cost Per Click or Bid Optimisation (bidding the optimum amount to achieve the best return on investment)

Create Ads that customers are attracted to by using the art of persuasive language

Your Landing Page (Believe it or not your web page will affect the success of your bid and if Google will show your Ad at all)

By leveraging the factors above we can create a Google Adwords campaign where we achieve the very best return on investment for your advertising dollars. How do we know that we can? – because we're already doing it for many businesses already!

How We Can Give You The Edge Over Your Competitors

This is where we get a little technical and dazzle you with some big words and buzz phrases - but seriously this is the process we take each new customer through:

Market Research & Campaign Tracking

Before we do anything else, we will conduct a full day of market research, looking at your target customer profiles for your Business and pairing that with a comprehensive keyword research deliverable in order to confidently know which ads we will be delivering to which future customers. We will also need to collaborate with your web team to set up conversion pixels and goals through Google Analytics.


After our research is complete, our team will spend another full day building out all your ad groups, ad types, ad sets and individual ads themselves. Different audiences will be grouped together based on similar characteristics so that each ad shown is as relevant as possible. This saves you money, improves your conversion rate, and gives you insight into which ads and audiences are performing the best.


We will then curate perfectly persuasive messages for each audience and ad segment to yet again maximize relevancy and click-through rates. We will implement specific language that will draw in relevant clicks for your business and weed out the time-wasting “curiosity clicks”

Once we Have Your Campaign Up and Running

Which Means Your Phone is Ringing and Online Enquiries Will Be Coming Through. The Next Phase of Our Process is:

Bid optimization

Bid Optimization

Our management team will review your campaign performance in real time. Ads that are performing well for your Business services will see increases in their budget allocation, while poor performers will be reduced or even eliminated. Bid optimization will occur across all ad channels, audiences, and keywords.
keyword review

Keyword Review

Specific attention will be given to keyword performance throughout the campaign. Successful keywords for your Business's campaign will be extensively researched to find even more long-tail variations, with attention given to shorthand and conversational search terms.

Performance Tracking

Performance Tracking

We will be watching this campaign all the way through, not just on the front end. We will be constantly monitoring your Google Analytics website goals to find out which ads are driving the most leads for your business, and building an ongoing strategy around these winning campaigns.

Funnel Analysis

Funnel Analysis

Every week we will take a high-level look at all campaign components. We will track visitor behaviour at each stage of your product funnel and determine where the most optimization can occur. We will ensure that the majority of leads entering the funnel are interested in your businesses services or products and that they are converting into clients or customers at a sustainable rate.

Bid optimization


This is the next phase of online domination where we look at other potential opportunities online for your business that are available to increase the reach of your campaigns, the size of your target audience and even utilise other platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Bid optimization

Mastered Innovation

Why hire Adwords experts instead of keeping everything in-house? Two words: Experience and innovation. We have run hundreds of campaigns, so spending a small amount of your ad spend to make sure your budget gets maximized is a no-brainer.

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